Elder Kings is a total conversion modification for Crusader Kings 2 that attempts to combine the gameplay of Crusader Kings 2 with the magic of the Elder Scrolls universe(created by Bethesda Softworks). Elder Kings has been actively developed since June 2012 and with thousands of downloads it is one of the most popular mods for Crusader Kings 2.


Download Elder Kings

If you find yourself unable to see that thread, that means you either don't have an account or haven't authenticated Crusader Kings II on the forum. If you get this error, follow the steps detailed below:

  1. Create an account if you don't have one.
  2. Go to Steam and select Crusader Kings II in your library.
  3. On the right of the library in links, click CD Key.
  4. Select 'Crusader Kings 2' and press 'COPY KEY TO CLIPBOARD'
  5. Go to My Games on Paradox Plaza
  6. Select 'Crusader Kings 2' at 'Choose Game'
  7. Press Ctrl+V at the field under 'Enter your code here:'
  8. Press Register.

You should now be able to download Elder Kings.


Elder Kings modifies much of Crusader Kings II. Below is a summary of the changes.

Custom Map

The Elder Scrolls games take place on the world of Nirn. Elder Kings beautifully recreates most of this world. The map of 1058 provinces currently includes all of Tamriel, Pyandonea, Yokuda, Roscrea, Esroniet, Ynslea, Cathnoquey and parts of Atmora and Akavir.

Expanded Mechanics

Elder Kings improves or overhauls many mechanics of Crusader Kings 2 to create an authentic and playable Elder Scrolls world. Many new CBs have been added in Elder Kings, including a fast but risky way of expanding if you are a warlord. Another example of a changed mechanic is the more difficult process to become a king or emperor.


Elder Kings comes with new events and decisions to make the player feel truly immersed in the Elder Scrolls universe. Examples include going on adventures, dealing with courtiers who are secretly vampires and moving away to join one of the guilds.

Rich History

Elder Kings allows players to choose a starting date from the turbulent interregnum of the 2nd era to the Reachman invasion of High Rock. A lot of the realms that exist in these start dates have been inspired by Elder Scrolls Lore.

A lot of new cultures have been created to populate Nirn. A lot of these cultures use new portrait sets. Examples of these cultures include the Elves, Khajiit and the Argonians.


+ Elder Kings 0.1.5
+ Elder Kings 0.1.4b
+ Elder Kings 0.1.4a
+ Elder Kings 0.1.4
+ Elder Kings 0.1.3a
+ Elder Kings 0.1.3
+ Elder Kings 0.1.2
+ Elder Kings 0.1.1
+ Elder Kings 0.1.0a (Hotfix)


While the Elder Kings Team is active on the Elder Kings Subforum at Paradox Plaza, they have set up other media for interaction as well.


A big mod like Elder Kings is inevitably going to have bugs. The Elder Kings Bugtracker has been set up for users to report bugs, glitches or other issues to the development team.